Reasons to vote #LNP in New South Wales

16 July 2018 - NSW Liberal MP Mr Maguire confirmed he will remain in parliament, staring down mounting calls for his resignation on Monday, after a corruption inquiry exposed his attempts to broker property deals and seek commission on behalf of an apartments developer >> Read more >>

Let's see - selling off the Land Titles Office to US-backed developer interests, buying trains from Korea, contracting never-ending road works to Spain, gifting compulsory third party premiums to Connecticut reinsurers, retrospectively reducing workers compensation payments to injured working families, selling previously compulsory acquired homes to donors in companies, banning coursing, the grotesque and privatised Northern Beaches Hospital, unbanning coursing, amalgamating some councils, banning public meetings on public open space may be one reason to have a fresh look at New South Wales Liberal National Party Government probity standards application protocols. 

Nearly forgot, the McFerryFace imbroglio, with the, ah, transport chappie, Constance, from Bega, or is that Double Bay? We all tell a few fibs, don't we? So what if the fibber's a minister of the Crown? Of course the Premier will stand by her fellow. It doesn't mean he's unreliable, or

Real estate titles endangered by Liberal Party privatisation #PoxyPexa #LandTitles #Conveyancing

Dani Venn and her husband Chris Burgess have been left without a home because $250,000 from a settlement on their recently sold property in north-east Melbourne was stolen by hackers who breached the fledgling electronic property transfer system Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)

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Politicians' private lives are public business #auspol #usa

Politicians' private lives are public business. 

That is because as an officer of State, an elected or appointed official - whether supervisor, sheriff, State or Federal congressman, or executive officer - is obliged by trust, not merely contract, to act wholly in pursuit of the purpose of the whole nation. 

That national purpose is honesty, exemplary good behaviour, protecting the defenceless, maintaining the peace, ensuring equal opportunity, enabling prosperity. 

Behaviour otherwise is breach of that trust and is an injury to the nation, which should be made good.

The fraction of public corruption: simple arithmetic

Public corruption may be amenable to simple arithmetic.

That modelling might be useful to corroborate other proofs of official indiligence.

This fraction model might be useful in recovering to the Treasury public assets previously wrongly gained.

Besides, what’s the bother with corruption anyway? Quite a lot in fact.

Public corruption is the usual cause of war, and at war, public official corruption causes holes in the socks of sailors, soldiers and airmen, as well as skew weapons and ineffectual commands.

At home, public official corruption causes buildings to collapse, hospitals to lack physicians and surgeons and other practitioners and equipment, university and school results to regress, urban overcrowding, and unfettered vice industries, which promote impoverishing behaviours, anathema to enduring prosperity and confidence.

So, to the fraction. Boiled to basics, the official behaviour in examination might be seen as greed before, or over, duty. A preposition in words may suggest an arithmetic arrangement, no?

Can values be assigned? They should be, for several reasons. The nation sensibly deals with money, so if a dollar reference in this exercise may be obtained, that should be useful, if only for refinement.

Also, because we the nation need to put behind petty, old fashioned notions of crime and punishment, the good momentous approach being to avoid permitting personality measures to frustrate a perspective which may be to some degree revelatory, if not as well as relieving.

On the board is greed over duty. 

Is greed other than a vision of gold in one form or another, the auras of aurum?

Duty has simple complexion, of many facets, spirit of trust.

The fraction might then be seen as gold over spirit. Surely gold is heavier than spirit, more massive? A lot over a little? A big number, you should see the fraction! 

What drives a human? Hunger for gold? The hunger has an origin, and that is spirit, or an aspect thereof. So what is above the simple division horizontal line is something which is of lesser drive than that represented below the line.

As motive arithmetic, the preference of gold over spirit returns less than one.

That’s another way to see the return on common revenue of the common wealth, including the States, is less than what should be reasonably expected having regard to good standard public administration criteria.  

There’s no doubt the inverse of the fraction is a key to generating wealth, but that’s for another time.