$40, $20, $10 prizes for best three #ScoMo PM strawberry picture captions

Please see below picture for caption competition details.

From SMH 11/11/2018

Refusing to call an election, while running what looks an awful lot like an election campaign: it is not the fairest of dinkums. But then little about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Queensland bus tour is.

First of all, the bus touring part of it seems to have been exaggerated. As reported this week, Morrison and his team skipped key legs of the road trip to travel via plane, leaving an empty bus to drive on, down ghostly Queensland highways, a political metaphor just waiting to be deployed, although as it turns out, it is almost too obvious to use. More SMH >>

Your caption, please - to win $40, $20, $10 prizes for three best captions voted by readers: see below

The AAP picture above defeated your correspondent's caption skills. The picture is too reflective to leave unremarked. For our overseas readers, the chap with the cap is the Prime Minister of Australia, that is, leader of the Australian government. Seriously. Help us out, and win yourself a prize, or recommend this page to a friend who might be interested. 

Anyway, if you care to, and we would certainly appreciate your attention in this respect, to enter the competition, please send your amusing, sardonic or otherwise appropriate entries for best caption to secretary@CureCancerParty.com.au with subject line "Strawberry". One sentence makes an entry. As many entries as you like, but each clearly separated on your message/s. We don't spam email. If we don't get more than half a dozen entries, we'll call off the competition, and post that news here. 

In any case, we'll post the entries as received. Entries close on Christmas Eve. Then the entries will be posted on this site for readers' votes for each. Voting ceases after Australia Day. Most popular entries then posted, the others remaining available to view. Prizewinners notified before St Valentines Day, ie, 14 February 2019, and prizemoney remitted before 22 February 2019. This posted by Anthony Monaghan, Narrabeen, Remembrance Day 2018. 

Anthony Monaghan guarantees the integrity of the competition process.

A Monaghan S Monaghan for NSW Parliament Upper House March 2019 #nswpol

Mr Anthony Monaghan and Mrs Sharni Monaghan, of Narrabeen, are the the Cure Cancer Party candidates for the New South Wales Parliament Upper House March 2019: for seriously improved health services delivery, education, transport, law, and parliamentary and Federal system integrity. We respect other people and wish them well.

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Public inquiry into #CorruptNSW Liberal Party

As a recipient of public money, Liberal Party activity in New South Wales and around Australia should be subject to public probity inquiry, says Sydney's Mr Anthony Monaghan, of the Cure Cancer Party.
"The NSW Liberal Party and in other States has descended into being a series of vice-mongering, bribery and influence-peddling rings causing defeats of national purposes in respect of just revenue allocations and respect for the common people," Mr Monaghan said.

"Public inquiry would permit recoveries of misappropriated profits and assets back to the Treasury, and additionally, assertively discourage behaviours which are disrespectful of the public purse."


Good government is straightforward integrity in professional practice

The Turnbull administration turning over $450m your money to a carpetbagger cabal pretending concern for the Great Barrier Reef. ScoMo PM suddenly finding $4.5bn for private schools. Were either of these Budget measures? Unfortunately the parties appear to have forgotten one essential tenet of Westminster, namely, government spends only what the parliament appropriates.

And if you're about making announcements of spending with legislation to follow, WTF? The announcement is fraud, because the appropriation may not eventuate. In another way, another fraud on the Australian common law revenues was the engagement in Iraq in 2003, and ever after. 

Personal responsibility is a memorable mantra of many among the party pooh bahs. But if you're spending public money without authority, then like anyone else, you to the extent that you are able should pay back the money losses your indiligences in office have caused Australasia.

And seriously, how can you hire party pueri et peurae on the revenue teat, yet extort per vote emoluments to the party offices, while tipping these petty caligulae into electorates and senates, and expect the children to be inspired by the nobility of the product of the vote of their parents and friends? 

A million more pokes, but what we're about is good government for the 21st century and beyond. And good government is definitely about eradicating bad government. Bad government is divisive, expensive, unproductive, unhealthy for all.  
Such civil courts revenue recoveries after public inquiries is a sensible demonstration of determination to restore integrity and to achieve widely felt confident national security and generally peaceful and honourable prosperity.

What do we want? For each and all, healthy, happy, satisfactory lives, in freedom and peace. That should be regarded as simple, basic standard.

There's much to be further considered - making over the federal system, getting government off the tax system, modernising legal systems, and so on, and all in public view.

Clearly, more to come.